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CHICAGO—State Senator Elgie R. Sims, Jr. (D-Chicago) released the following statement on the governor’s amendatory veto (AV) of House Bill 1468, which prevents the delivery of assault weapons until 72 hours after application for purchase:

“It’s clear that the governor’s rewrite of HB 1468 is a partisan ploy to kill this legislation.

This plan originally focused on a 72-hour wait period for the delivery of assault weapons. His change to extend this to all weapons is something that we could discuss as a legislative body, but to combine multiple bills and throw in death penalty policy, isn’t.

Gov. Rauner’s had HB 1468 on his desk since March 15. He decided to make changes just one day before his deadline to take action to limit the amount of time the General Assembly has to consider it. He essentially wants the plan to die.

During the governor’s State of the State address he said he wanted ‘bipartisan dedication to restore public trust,’ yet he plays these political games with legislation that’s meant to prevent gun violence and mass shootings.

We have little more than two weeks left in session. It’s time to work together to do what’s best to protect working families throughout our state, not play partisan politics.”

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CHICAGO—State Senator Elgie R. Sims, Jr. (D-Chicago) issued the following statement in response to testimony from Illinois Department of Public Health Director Nirav Shah stating that gun violence is a public health crisis:

“I am glad Director Shah agrees with me that the level of gun violence plaguing our communities is unacceptably high and is a public health crisis requiring our immediate attention.  Now that we can agree that gun violence is in fact a health crisis, Gov. Rauner and the Department of Public Health need to allocate funds and start research on the matter so we can figure out how to best address this epidemic affecting our communities.

“We continue to see tragedies across our state and nation resulting from gun violence. Three people were killed and at least seven were wounded in shootings over last weekend in the city of Chicago, and on Sunday, an Illinois resident took the lives of four unsuspecting victims at a Waffle House in Nashville, Tennessee.

It is time for us to address the root causes of gun violence as opposed to bowing to the whims of the gun lobby, so we can do everything possible to prevent gun violence from continuing to harm our communities.”

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04262018KS2985SPRINGFIELD—Businesses along Illinois’ borders will be able to better take advantage of state resources thanks to legislation that passed the Senate today.

State Senator Elgie R. Sims, Jr. (D-Chicago) is the sponsor of Senate Bill 3285, which aims to help businesses located in Illinois identify existing and often underused state resources.

“Running a business is hard work, and it’s important that we make it easier for business owners to figure out what state resources are available to help them and their businesses be successful,” said Sims. “It is necessary for our state to have an economic development plan to attract new businesses, but it is equally important that we have a plan to help Illinois’ current businesses grow and be successful. This legislation will help ensure Illinois businesses are able to compete with businesses in neighboring states.”

SB 3285 directs the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to create a strategy to assist cities, towns and villages located along the borders of Illinois. The information would be made available to Illinois businesses and the general public on the Department’s website.

“This legislation will not only help border communities, but the measure could help and potentially prevent businesses throughout the state from leaving,” said Sims. “As I talk to entrepreneurs in my district, it is clear they want a plan to help them compete with their out-of-state neighbors and this legislation will help businesses throughout our state.”

The legislation passed the Senate by a vote of 54-0 and moves to the House for consideration.

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SPRINGFIELD—Many mothers across the state struggle to use the court system in Illinois because they lack a place to breastfeed and pump.

State Sen. Elgie R. Sims, Jr. (D-Chicago) passed Senate Bill 3503 out of the Senate today. The legislation requires circuit courts to have a lactation room.

“Mothers should not have to worry about where they’ll be able to pump and breastfeed while they’re working or visiting our courthouses. A simple solution is to provide them with space to pump and feed their children so they can return to court,” said Sen. Sims.

The legislation stipulates that the rooms be located outside of restrooms, and they must include a chair, table, electrical outlet and a sink with running water.

One mother from Wilmette has faced obstacles working as a lawyer and not having a lactation room.

“After maternity leave in 2016, I was excited to argue a dispositive motion alone. I asked personnel where I could pump and was told the restroom. Assuming perhaps there was a lounge in the ladies’ room, I checked it out. Not only was it merely a restroom, but there were no plugs for me to use,” said Gail Schnitzer Eisenberg.

This is a problem many mothers who are nursing face. Oftentimes, not having a lactation room forces them into uncomfortable or inconvenient circumstances.

“I asked for an alternative accommodation and was told I could use the cafeteria and just face the wall. After an uncomfortable but successful morning, I ended up driving to my grandmother’s home in Lincolnshire to pump,” said Schnitzer Eisenberg.

State Rep. Kelly Cassidy is the chief House sponsor.

“My hope is that we move this bill as soon as possible. No one – especially a nursing parent – should be forced to choose between doing their civic responsibility as a juror and being able to pump breast milk for an infant.  We need to get this proposal enacted into law to protect parents throughout Illinois,” said Rep. Cassidy.

Senate Bill 3503 passed the Senate 54-0 and moves to the House for consideration.

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